Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It May be Time to Elect the Tories

John Reid, current Home Secretary:
First: "I will rebuild the whole British justice system if I have to." Second: "I need News of the World readers to tell me what they want."
one of the direct quotes in the article does have him arguing that issues of law and order are "too important to be left to the professionals". "We need the ideas and views of real people, like your readers," he says. Thank goodness he's not in charge of the NHS, or air-traffic control. "Quadruple-bypass surgery is too important to be left to the professionals," you can imagine him saying in the hopes of a popularity-boosting soundbite. "We need real people, not petit-bourgeois surgeons, in charge of them scalpels."

Sam Leith, Daily Telegraph 9/25/2006

It's a truism of British politics that governments of both parties jump the shark at some point. That may have happened in Britain. I would vote Labour, but understand those who think things have gone too far.

It is most distressing, by the way, that I find myself agreeing with Daily Telegraph writers so often.

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