Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Freedom in Venezuela

After Hugo Chavez "Bush is the Devil Smelling of Sulphur" speech, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, made comments to the effect that such freedom of speech would not be allowed in Venezuela. How then do you explain this from a Venezuelan newspaper today:

The truth is that all the nonsense our President has said in the United States confirms that for him, worrying about unemployment, insecurity, inflation and housing for Venezuelans is already too small. We will have to face these problems with candidate Manuel Rosales, because Chávez is very busy saving other peoples, including the Americans, whom he recently asked to 'wake up' and choose a better president.
American Democrats and Republicans have closed ranks to defend their President. The Venezuelan President has made an error in calculation. Americans thought that Chávez was a nice guy trying to help the poor, victim of a Venezuelan selfish oligarchy. Now they learned that our President is offensive, vulgar, and intolerant. President Chávez has lost key support in Washington, Latin America, Europe and in other world continents. If he continues like that, making up enemies and 'saving' other peoples from the Devil, he will continue to make mistakes that will soon lead him to his political defeat. Being the idol of Hizbollah and of Cuba does not benefit Venezuela. Chávez's fights with the world cost Venezuelans too much. He no longer defends our interests. It is time Venezuelans woke up, too and chose a new President, December is getting closer.

Editorial, El Nacional, as translated in the Corner at National Review 09/25/2006

Shouldn't an American diplomat know more about the country?


Steve Muhlberger said...

Choosing between Chavez and his dishonest American critics is a fool's game. It's not Chavez's so-called radical policies that make him unadmirable. It's that he like Castro and dozens before him is a big-mouth caudillo who knows everything and has the power to do something about his omniscience.

Paul Halsall said...

The question is whether it is possible to have a politics of wealth redistribution in Latin America without some kind of demagoguery. Whatever is tried is presented in the US media as "dictatorship."