Friday, May 15, 2009

What is the Daily Telegraph up to?

I agree some MPs - from all parties - seem to have acted like pigs at the trough. But the total amount concerned is just under £16 million per year for ALL the MPs together. This is a really small amount in context. About the cost of a a military helicopter perhaps?

Meanwhile the Daily Telegraph is owned by those weird brothers who live in a fake castle off the coast of Sark and have every interest in seeing our elected representatives reduced in power.

The alternative to the House of Commons and Parliament is not freedom, but exclusive control by the very rich and very powerful - think of somewhere like Dubai, where thousands of workers live in block-houses while the rich live in palaces.

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Bearded Socialist said...

Thank you!
Bloody hell, finally someone talking some sense. It's amazing that this is such a hugh story, although mainly among those who are pushing a right-ish and/or anti-political agenda.
Such as those who have lots to gain by the diminishing power of politicians