Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muslim appointed head of religion at BBC

Ruth Gledhill - Times Online - WBLG: Muslim appointed head of religion at BBC

Aaqil Ahmed, the innovative and interesting programmer responsible for Channel 4's recent Christianity: A History series, has been appointed the first Muslim head of religion at the BBC, as we report today

I have no problem with a Muslim being appointed head of religious programming, but I think Roth Geldhill goes a bit overboard here.

I am a professional Medievalist and Byzantinist. I watched the Christianity: A History with increasing horror. I shared synopses with other professional medievalist on the Mediev-l list (an old BITNET list which is still the best place for academic medieval), and many others were equally horrified.

The entire project of allowing non-historians to present a "history" was flawed to begin with; the practice was a series of horrifically misleading programmes.

The series did not look beyond traditional views, amassed massive amounts of simply misinformation, and was not as advertised.

It's as if Aaqil Ahmed did not consider even sending out the scripts for academic review.

Just imagine if they did that with physics programmes.

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