Saturday, May 16, 2009

Make MPs "Prove their Innocence" ?

"Prove their innocence" sums up many of the messages on Iain Dale's blog, and many newspaper comments

Its is true, this is what happens to many people charged by the police or given the "fixed penalty notices" approved by MPs, but it is not actually the British Way.

Look, an IQ of 100 is average. That means half the people are below average.

But that does not stop them posting on blogs or giving idiotic interviews to journalists.

What we are seeing here is mob anger stirred by press lords eager to hide their own much worse tax "avoidance" [I.e. "legal within the rules" rather than "evasion" which is illegal].

No wonder the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph are leading this.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that the more this messy saga unfolds the more I think your analysis here is the key that makes it make sense. It struck me that until this blew up there were a lot of stories about corporate tax evasion in the press, and I think you're quite right that bros Barclay must be very glad to see that disappear and the Prime Minister forced to act on something far more trivial.

It also strikes me that however unwillingly he's done it, history may well regard the reforms announced today as the single most significant thing Gordon Brown did in his premiership...