Monday, May 11, 2009

Iain Dale's Diary's Commentators on the Speaker

Iain Dale's Diary asked "Speaker Martin: Your Views Please?"

The commentators have been virulently opposed to the Speaker.

Without necessarily disagreeing with the somewhat repetitive comments, I thought there was a certain grandeur Speaker Martin's speech today.

I'm a little taken aback that so many of Iain's commentators seem to think that they are "conservatives". Instead many come across as nutter-right American conservatives. I expect fallacious talk about the origins of the Common Law and/or "black helicopters" to erupt soon.

Surely a core "Tory" belief is in preserving the institutions of the realm and changing them slowly simply because human actions cannot be trusted? The posters there show none of that respect.

As far as I can see, the House of Commons has noticed public discontent and is in the course of addressing the problem.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Thats conservatism not free market liberalism.
Now yah free market conservative doesn't give a toss for notions of realm or nation the Flag all that patriotism stuff and nonsense to to be used as an electoral ploy

yah! tory nowadays the flag they follow isn't the 'union' flag nah!
its the jolly roger the flag of the itinerant thief.

fast money vs slow organic change not a good combination..

"black helicopters" funny you should mention that the othe##############

Paul Halsall said...


Are you saying the posters are "free market liberals". I'd say they are mostly wired up Essex boys.

Praguetory said...

Are you trying to attract traffic?

Mike K said...

Unfortunately for Speaker Martin, I fear that his statement and emotive rebukes of Ms Howey and Mr Baker yesterday constituted an elephant trap of his own unwitting design.

I read your blog (and Mr Dale's) most days as well as a number of others from across the political spectrum. I tend to regard them all as entertainment really and will make up my own mind upon what I read.

Iain is far from venerated in all circles - if you're not already familiar with it, take a look at written by Tim Ireland who has not inconsiderable bones to pick with him. Be prepared for a *lot* of reading though, he can appear to be discursive. Nonetheless, I get the feeling that his heart is in the right place.

Given your interest in religiosity you might also enjoy which not infrequently corroborates much of what Tim writes.


Mike K

Paul Halsall said...

Mike K., I tend to read bloggers who do not rant, and I read across the spectrum in American blogs.

After exposure to American conservatives, Iain appears quite moderate.

As I think there will be a Tory victory in the next election, I thing it important to encourage moderating elements withing the Conservative Party.

What I would like to see here is the development of somewhat more sophisticated blogging sites - such as Nate Silvers', the DailyKos etc. These sites have extensive comments but control trolls. They also break stories.