Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Rosaries are things you either hate as superstitious nonsense, or the basis of a prayer and meditation habbit that can be life and sanity sustaining. Catholics are not the only ones to use them, as Muslim have "worry beads" [Tasbeeah ], and Buddhist medidation beads serve similar purposes. For me at least, saying at least a decade of the rosary (usually one of the happier mysteriers, such as the crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven) is the only way I can go to see a dentist.

Since for me, Mary is the feminine face of God, it does not matter if I have been bad or nasty, I/We know that a mother will not turn her back on her children.

There is now a blog on Rosaries PATERNOSTER for those who want to delve more.

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Summer Breeze said...

Pleased to find a Catholic man who sees a feminine aspect of deity :)