Monday, July 03, 2006

The founding fathers save America's soul

See Andrew Sullivan's article in The Sunday Times.

It's hard to express to Americans how scary and disgusting the Bush administration's conduct has been in the war to Brits like me, who generally regard the US as the essential nation.

Part of the reason for being a monarchist (like me) in the British context is that NO Prime Minister can arrogate to him/herself both all power and loyalty. Brits like me can critics Callaghan/Thatcher/Major/Blair all we want, and still resist any claim we are unpatriotic because we can assert out loyalty to the essence of Britain incarnate in Her Majesty. [I admit, since the current Queen is and always has been unimpeachable this is easy: the argument works less well if the monarch is awful: but, since she has been there for the entire lives of most living British people, when she dies, I think our grief will be unimaginable.]

This has been a great week for the American Republic.


Steve Muhlberger said...

A great week? Ultimate constitutional disaster staved off for the moment, by justices old enough to remember far greater foreign dangers than America faces now. It is also absolute baloney to say the Founding Fathers did or can save America's soul. Nor did the majority on the Supreme Court. The present generation has to save its own soul, and start acting like *they* understand the phrase "inalienable rights." Rights you can't legitimately give away even if you want to.

Paul Halsall said...

Hey Steve,

After years of know me (virtually), you know I may on occasion (helped
by a glass of wine) be given to hyperbole.

But this could have gone worse.

Canada should join the European Union - that would be a move to shake up work politics, eh?

Sandy/Nuala said...

I'm not sure America has soul worth saving anymore. Sure, there are still some people who are passionate about social justice, democracy and all that, but for the most part Americans just don't care.

As long as they have a roof over their heads and plenty of food in the fridge everything is just fine.
Take a seat and watch reality TV or play video games.

I'm a native and I do love my county. I've served in the military and I do vote. But watching the way GW has been allowed to really screw things makes me wonder whether our "American soul" can be saved. Where is the outrage?!