Friday, July 07, 2006

Gay Marriage

If you support it, you are friend of mine.

If you don't, rot in hell. That's where Jesus puts you (yes he forbade divorce and marriage, a fact usually conveniently forgotten by the Non-Catholic religious right.)

That's the line: You are with me, or I hope you roast slowly on hell. With your illegitimate kids.

[And while should I not be as vile as your Christianist quote texts; How these Christians hate. They make Al-Qeada look rationale. Damn you all. May you get bone cancer and die the day the cure is found. Hey perhaps that shoud apply to your spouse, you care so little about us.]

All I want in the world is a man to curl up with an hold every night. Someone to be a soulmate that no women can be. It's probably too late at 45 and with AIDS, But unless you accept that is a legitimate goal of mine, you can never ever be my friend.


Sandy/Nuala said...

I agree with you - but since I'm divorced, remarried and not necessarily Christian I may end up rotting in hell anyway. I hope that trying to care for people around me will be a mitigating factor. But if not I'm still your friend.

I think gay marriage will eventually get accepted. When I started out at the corporation I work for they didn't have domestic partner benefits, but when enough people stood up for it - they changed their policy. We had to send petitions, run phone banks and show that there was a benefit to them to get it done - but it did happen.

I still remember a certain professor I know wondering how gay marriage was more destructive to the institute of marriage than the Brittney Spears Las Vegas marriage of hours. :)

Paul said...


This was really an attempt at a diatribe. I dont really reject all those who don't agree with me. A diatribe is designed to maked people think about just why some of the wayst they think might upset other people. As a gay person, it is amazingly common to be told one is going to hell.

Anonymous said...

It's a platitude, but one that needs to be restated again in response to this post: don't stoop to their level. Thousands of people will scream at your face and condemn you to hell, I realize, but you can't turn around and do the same thing, not even if (and perhaps especially if) you are insincere. You merely perpetuate the same hatred and irrational nonsense that they've thrown at you. Secondly, and maybe more important, not everyone who opposes homosexuality and gay marriage is a loud-mouthed Bible-thumper who will tell you that you are going to Hell. There are others who have no interest in playing the role of God, but have plenty of rational arguments for why gay marriage and/or homosexuality should not be permitted. I disagree with them as much as you do, but if you insist on ranting irrationally when some (even if a minority) of your opponents have calm, cool arguments to offer, then your cause is hopeless. Not only will you fail to persuade your opponents; you'll fail to persuade the people who aren't already persuaded.

Paul Halsall said...

Well in fact I have commented repeatedly on gay marriage on the net for around a decade, and even wrote a brief on the issue for the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

As I indicted in my response to the comment by Sandy, I was attempting to write about the subject in a different way. [I don't expect all my friends to agree with me, although, by definition, there must be a certain amount of agreement on basic issues for a relationship to advance beyond acquaintance to real friendship.]

Perhaps the experiment did not work...