Sunday, July 02, 2006

England Out

England lost on penalties.

It's a five minute feeling of loss.

We will win sometime.

Who to support now?

France, Italy, Germany, or Portugal?

I chose France. On looks Germany should get a gay man's vote (fallacy!), but Zidane is the footballer who in and of himself demands support. As an hereditary Manchester United supporter (I was born with 2 miles of the ground (stadium to Yanks), and as a kid I saw George Best, den's Law and Bobby Charlton play, so there), no player could ever be more God-like than Bobby Charlton. But Zidane comes close.

If you don't know who Bobby Charlton is, God forgive you. He is the equivalent to a baseball player who would never bunt. (Is that the word? Baseball is my favorite US sport, and since I lived longest in the Bronx than elsewhere, I feel justified in supporting the Yankees. But not as much as Manchester United. Baseball is a game: Football is a religion.)

So, from now on, Vive la France!.


Another Damned Medievalist said...

Do you really think the Germans are better looking than the French? I'm not so sure. Not to mention that there are some lovely boys on the Italian and Portuguese teams ...

Except for that little shit Ronaldo.

James R said...

Seems like you left the Brazil bandwagon at breakneck speed...

Paul Halsall said...

Well you cannot support a team that's no longer in tye game. The choice is Germany (NO NO NO), Portugal (Nice wine and tiled walls, but they just fouled us); Italy (nice place to visit - corrupt Football), or France (nice place to visit; and they have Zidane, the gentleman player of his generation. Plus, te French team is an intrinsic deconstruction of racism). And it would of course be nice to see the French beat the Germans at something at last.

But Ballack (Germany) is still the cutest player.

Isn't it od how we have all managed to transiton from "West Germany" to "Germany" with so much ease. I suppose I would get crucified if I said that Silesia should havew remained German, The expulsion of Silesians was one of the victors' crinms after WWII.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Ballack? ick. Same age, same preference in gender of sexual partners, definitely not the same taste! But then, I think Sol Campbell is kind of tasty.

Paul Halsall said...

Well, I would marry Zidane, but for one night, give me Ballack!