Saturday, May 02, 2009

Time for a Political Re-Alignment

Labour MPs facing a 'heart and soul battle' as secret talks held with Liberal democrats about defecting | Mail Online

Labour MPs unhappy with Gordon Brown's leadership have held secret talks with the Liberal Democrats about defecting, it emerged last night.

In a stark sign of mounting Labour disillusionment, senior MPs revealed they are prepared to abandon the party amid fears it is becoming increasingly Left-wing.

Former Lib Dem leader Lord Ashdown told The Telegraph that up to a dozen Blairite MPs have been involved in private talks about defecting.

Good. There are many many people in this country who find the choice of three conservative parties - New Labour, the Lib Dems, and the Tories - a real problem.

At least left wing opinion in Scotland or Wales has the option of the left-nationalist parties.

So bring it on. The grand realignment. A Tory government which leads to Scottish and Welsh independence; a political calculus in England in which the Lib Dems can demand proportional representation; and a genuinely left wing Labour Party.

Sounds good to me.

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