Thursday, April 30, 2009

What will Obama do about Israel?

ANALYSIS / Netanyahu will have to work to restore U.S.-Israel ties - Haaretz - Israel News

Israel has enjoyed a 'waiting period' in its relationship with Obama, but this period will end when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington on May 18. Obama and other senior administration officials have made it clear to Netanyahu that he should not waste their time by turning the visit into a public relations campaign; rather, he must propose practical steps for furthering the diplomatic process and improving the lot of the Palestinians. Netanyahu wants to place Iran at the top of the agenda, but U.S. officials will explain that Israel will have to give something in return.

The first question Obama should ask is, Do you think we are absolute fools about what has been going on with settlements?

And should make it clear, that if Israel will not really work for a two state solution, the US must work for a polity - perhaps via cantonment - that admits the current one state reality in which circa 45% of the population are treated as B-class subjects.

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