Thursday, April 30, 2009

There is NO Alternatiive

Tesco unravels toilet paper's carbon footprint | Environment |

Steel yourself, here's the news you've been waiting to hear: the carbon footprint of each lavatorial wipe you make. (It's certainly news that Sheryl Crow will be no doubt desperate to hear, given her previous thoughts on this issue). Drum roll, please: Tesco says that each sheet of its recycled toilet roll uses '1.1g of carbon' compared to 1.8g for its standard toilet roll.

Let's give that some sort of context. Google declared earlier this year that each Google search generates 0.2g of CO2. So now we know that using one sheet of recycled toilet paper has the same carbon footprint as performing five-and-a-half Google searches.

We now also know that you would have to get through 200 sheets of toilet paper before you matched the carbon footprint of one carton of orange juice. Or 773 sheets of toiler paper before you equalled the carbon footprint of just one washload's worth of biological washing powder. We know all this because the Carbon Trust, who do the sums for Tesco, tells us so.

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