Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tory councillor suspended for describing gays as "sexual deviants"

ConservativeHome's Local Government Blog: Tory councillor suspended for describing gays as "sexual deviants"

It's worth reading the comments section at ConservativeHome.

Educated Tories were not usually anti-gay. Read Alan Clark's Diaries, or look back to Margaret Thatcher voting to decriminalise homosexuality in 1967. [She also had the openly gay Lord Avon as one of her early minister and allowed Norman Fowler at the DHSS to deal much more directly and effectively with the danger of the spread of HIV than Reagan did in the US.]

And under David Cameron this Tory tolerance has become official party policy, Alan Duncan, an openly gay MP, is in the shadow cabinet, and many gays and lesbians now seem willing to vote Tory.

But there were always the unter-Tories, the "deferential working class", the "Essex men", the "Daily Mail Readers", or whatever they are called, who just hate poofs.

You can see there scrawlings under this ConservativeHome post.

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