Friday, April 17, 2009

The Shame of the Bush Adminstration

Andrew Sullivan rounds up net reactions to the legal memos written at the behest of the Bush administration as a way to get round legal prohibitions of torture.

The focus in parts of the US media, and in the UK on the BBC, is on the statement that the Obama administration will not seek indictment for those CIA officials who acted "in good faith."

The fact of Bush seeking out ways to commit torture has been known for some time now. But it is still major news to have these OLC memos now released.

The history is now clear: the Bush-Cheney regime goes down as a torture administration. At some stage, perhaps after Obama, some of the perps will come to trial.

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Bearded Socialist said...

I think there are interesting (though perhaps overstated) comparison with Nazis at Nuremberg. Many defendants claimed they were following orders, but I believe that in international law that is not sufficient to be absolved of responsibility. So therefore, according to the same logic, those who engaged in this torture should face INTERNATIONAL action against them surely?
I believe Obama has stated that they won't face action, and that America doesn't recognise the international courts, but should they face action against them?