Thursday, April 16, 2009

Death of the traditional family

Death of the traditional family - Telegraph

More people are living alone, more children are being raised by single parents and more grown-up children are living with their parents than ever before, according to the Office for National Statistics.

One expert said that the in-depth annual study was final confirmation that the nuclear family had become “a museum piece”.

The wide-ranging report also showed that Britain had become a nation of people who travel longer distances to work, take more foreign holidays and fill their homes with electrical gadgets.

As a gay man living alone, I find my "traditional family" quite strong thank you. Me, my sister and my brother are all in contact, and seem to be getting closer as we grow older. My (step)-Dad remains central for all of us, and we have good relations with other relations.

What the Telegraph fails to notice is that it is pure unadulterated capitalism that has reduced people from "family units" to "units of consumption."

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Bearded Socialist said...

well noted at the end.
Does the "end of the traditional family" mean the end of good honest Britain as we know it? (Had to do the Daily Mail-style line)
I don't think so. There are social problems, some stem from family breakdown but I grew up without a father and I don't have a criminal record, nor have i ever recieved any benefits, which is the usually-implied correlation.

Some times parents going their seperate ways is a good thing, to avoid violent relationships etc.