Thursday, March 26, 2009

Labourites who want a Labour Defeat at the Next Election

Iain Dale, my favourite Tory blogger in the UK, apologises for not going after Tony McNulty, a Labour minister who seems to have been playing the system to get maximum "expenses."

What Iain and other Tories is that many people on the non-revolutionary Left are quite as disgusted with this current UK Labour government as any Tory.

And yet, while we form a significant part of the political spectrum in the UK, we simply cannot get our views heard in the media.

That's why Vince Cable, the Lib Dem politician, is so popular. His views are often far to the left of the government's.

On QuestionTime, etc., we only ever get out views heard if someone like Will Self or Peter Tatchell gets on.

Above that's why people like me, who will vote Labour for emotional reasons, above all hope for a hung parliament, a weak Tory administration, and time to re-create a real Labour Party.

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Bearded Socialist said...

Top stuff.
Unfortunatly, as the governing party Labour has attracted many Glory Hunters. I feel that many people want Labour to win because we (Labour) won last time and have been in for a long time. The same reason many want us to loose. I think loosing may do us good, get rid of the glory hunters and get in the people who are actually Labour people. After all, not enough people actually stand for anything other than election in this party now. A shake up may do us some good