Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"All About the Drugs" | The Big Money

"All About the Drugs" | The Big Money

The Wall Street Journal focuses on the rapidly consolidating sector. After the Merck and Pfizer deals, there is also Roche Holding's unsolicited bid for biotechnology pioneer Genentech in the works. The roll-ups show Big Pharma is changing strategy away from developing new lines of blockbuster drugs as it did in the 1990s to now bringing in new lines of business, the newspaper writes. BusinessWeek concurs, though in a more critical tone. These mega-mergers may look good for the bottom line, but they are 'killers for research,' the magazine concludes.

Not Good. But who the hell knows. Big Pharma's drugs are keeping me alive right now.

Shame about the side effects.

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