Monday, October 09, 2006

A Successful Society

Whether you love America (as I do, 87.35% of the time), or detest it (as I do 1.376% of the time - the rest of the time [11.87%] I'm confused) - the stunning fact that ALL the technical Nobel prizes this year have gone to Americans is, well, stunning.

Oddly enough, all these prize-winners have come from American Academia.

What we need is an adminstration which will let the insights of American Academia rule the world.

And not the insights of some business guys in cowboy boots from Texas.

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Travis said...

It should be noted that Dr Condelezza Rice is an academic since she was a long time professor at Stanford University (which I hear is a pretty good school). She is one of the most prominent persons in the administration.

I would like to see more academics in his administration. Some suggestions, Dr Thomas Sowell (Stanford U), Dr Walter Williams (George Washington U), Bill Kristol (once a Harvard prof), Dr Bill Gray (Colorado St U).

There are a few more but I'll stop there.