Monday, October 09, 2006

Insider Knowledge

So it’s payback time. Internal Republican polls are now showing that this scandal could cost them up to 50 seats in next month’s election, as their base is so disgusted.

Andrew Sullivan, The Sunday Times 10/8/2006

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Travis said...

I don't think this scandal will have as much effect of the elections as is being made to look in the media. Polls do show that people are upset with Republicans. But those Republicans who are upset with their party will, I think, still vote for the Republican in their district because they will be thinking "I'm upset with the party, by my Congressman is still good."

I think that the same seats that were in contention before the scandal broke will still be the same ones in contention on election day. The ones that had a good lead before the scandal will still win on election day. But I could be wrong.