Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vive Le Pamplemousse!

Let me stress that the Daily Telegraph is a conservative newspaper. But it's obituaries are the funniest, and frankest. For example today's:

Robert Carrier (Filed: 28/06/2006)

Robert Carrier, the restaurateur, food writer and bon vivant who died yesterday aged 82, introduced luxurious Continental cooking to a nation in which ingredients such as garlic and spaghetti were regarded as foreign and treated with deep suspicion.

Theatrical, camp and with a penchant for superlatives ("Gooorgeous… Adooorable… Faaabulous!"), he became the first celebrity chef on British television; his series, Carrier's Kitchen, attracted viewers as much for his drawling American vowels and shameless self-promotion as for his dishes.


The convention wisdom about the British Press used to be

-The Times is read by those who govern Britain
-The Finanicial Times by those who own Britain
-The Mail by the wives of those who own and govern Britain
-The Daily Telegraph by those who thing Britain should be run like it used to be
-The Express by those who think Britain is run like it used to be
-The Guardian by those who think they should govern Britain
-The Sun by those who dont care who runs Britain, as long as thh girl on Page Three has big t**s.

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