Saturday, May 09, 2009

Is Telegraph attack on Ben Bradshaw homophobic?

Next Left: Is Telegraph attack on Bradshaw homophobic?

Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter, was the first government minister to enter into a civil partnership when he married long-term partner in 2006.

The thrust of the Daily Telegraph's complaint is that, after his civil partnership Bradshaw took on and claimed the full mortgage payments on their jointly owned home.

It is headlined 'Ben Bradshaw: Mortgage bill paid on home part-owned by boyfriend'

Or husband, as those of us who think civil partnerships are to all intents and purposes 'gay marriage' might put it.

So is there a double standard, motivated by homophobia, behind the story and the presentation of it?

The Minister has said what he thinks to his 1797 close friends on Facebook.

++Ben Bradshaw says if you doubt today's false smear of him by the Torygraph is homophobic, ask would they have written the same piece about the Camerons?

That seems to me a pretty good point.

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