Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Criminalizing Conservatism

Power Line - Criminalizing Conservatism

Many liberals don't just want to defeat conservatives at the polls, they want to send them to jail. Toward that end, they have sometimes tried to criminalize what are essentially policy differences. President Obama hinted at another step in that direction when he said today that he is open to the idea of bringing criminal charges against the Justice Department lawyers who wrote opinions to the effect that waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods could legally be used on al Qaeda detainees. Obama said the question was a complicated one, and the decision will ultimately be made by Attorney General Eric Holder.

Good on Obama. When conservatism amounts to nothing more than the defence of torture, it deserves to be destroyed.

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Bearded Socialist said...

If you are interested in liberalism and conservatism, you may find this interesting:

don't know how i arrived there, but safe to say we disagree. Interesting i suppose