Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Condeleeza Rice: A Lesbian

That seems to be what Paul Schindler is saying here.

Hmmm. Condi may be a Dyke!

I suppose that will make her the perfect running partner for Giuliani against the Clinton-Obama ticket.


dave.s. said...

It seems unlikely that Hillary would pick Obama for veep - he, like Hillary, is a Senator without much history of successfully running anything. A former governor seems a much more likely pick: Vilsack, Rendell, Bredesen, or Richardson. Possibly Bayh. Richardson maybe the least likely because of the stories of his attentions to the ladies, and they would remind folks of the worst embarrassments of Bill Clinton as President.

jon said...

Certainly not Bayh. He wins here in Indiana because of name recognition -- his father was a senator, too -- but he won't help HRC outside the midwest (and maybe not even in Indiana!).

And I've long thought that Condi was, to use the neighbourhood term, "family".