Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two Fathers

The Netherlands, a kid sings of his two dads. Very moving. [h/t Andrew Sullivan].

The French YouTube tag for this says:
Terrence a deux pères et les aime beaucoup et est fier d'eux et le chante. Un hymne d'amour montrant que l'homoparentalité est une parentaluité belle et pleine d'amour.Enregistré dans le cadre d'uen émission télévisée :Kinderen voor Kinderen song

Translation: Terrence has two fathers, loves them both a lot, and is proud to sing to them. A hymn of love showing that homoparenting is good parenting and full of love. Recorded from a transmission of the (Dutch) TV show "Kids sing for Kids."

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Spencer T. said...

Cute. By the way, I saw Andrew Sullivan on C-SPAN doing a Q & A. I liked some of his ideas, but I think I need to see it again. I taped it and think that I will watch it again in a couple of days. I have been reading some his blog entries and they are quite interesting. Still, in regards to British intellectuals, I prefer Richard Dawkins. He was on NPR on Sunday and made a great impression.