Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who Won the War?

Josh Marshall pulls up a survey of polls about public opinion in the US during WWII as part of a discussion about the current publics "failure" to maintain support.

The graph is here.

I've never seen it before, but it's very interesting in terms of considering the question who won world War II?

There seems to have been a huge flip in public opinion in November 1942 over whether the war could be won by the allies at all. What caused that flip was the victory of the Red Army at Stalingrad.

Apparently, the Red Army won the war.


James R. said...

Very true, in some respects. Prior to the disaster at Stalingrad, the Nazi army was seen as nearly invincible. However, in terms of materiel, it was obvious that an eventual Allied victory was inevitable. One statistic I found to be amazing was that, in 1945, the United States had, in its pipeline (in the process of being built), more naval tonnage than the rest of the world's navies combined.

Clemens said...

I've been telling my world civ classes this for years. The Red Army defeated Hitler at Leningrad and Stalingrad.

Now, whether or not they could have followed up these victories by going on the offense without American material, and the fronts in North Africa, Italy and France is another matter.