Friday, November 20, 2009

Legalise Brothels

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Prostitution is a human universal.

That's because people (mostly men, but some women also) want to have sex (yes, have sex, not "make love") and finding somebody to have sex with is not always that easy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have sex; and no way to ensure everyone who wants sex will find a "free" partner.

Prostitution satisfies this need.

People (male and female) become prostitutes for many reasons. Some male prostitutes at least do it because they like sex, or they prefer having sex for money rather than doing other kind of work.

If both sides in a sex-work transaction act reasonably, I don't see any problem.

The problem of course is with trafficking, pimping, and the dangers of working the streets.

There is a clear solution to this: government-run or government inspected brothels (for both men and women), in which safety is ensured, bills are settled, and healthcare provided. Such brothels worked successfully in France for decades, and still work in Germany, and Nevada come to that.

Private/escort based services seem to be almost as safe. (Call outs to hotels etc.)

The difference with theft and murder is that they are in and of themselves detrimental to society. A fair exchange in a sex-worker relationship may not fit in with your aesthetics or religious morality, but presents no problem to civil society.

I don't pay for sex, and in truth don't have the money; but I would certainly be willing to do so if I did and if both sides acted fairly.

Legalised brothels are the way to go.

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